I changed my life...by listening to my body and giving it what it needed...in spite of doctors constant misdiagnoses.

I cultivated my own system of healing when nothing else was working, turning back to nature using food and herbal medicine to heal.

I am creating a successful client practice and online presence empowering women to cultivate the life they want through nutrition, herbal wisdom and innate intuition.

As a speaker and educator, I am changing the conversation around women’s health using some of the most progressive yet ancient knowledge of food, herbal wisdom and birth education. Reminding us to listen to our body for the most true answers to our desires for health and wellness in all areas of our lives.

Looking for a charismatic speaker with passion and education about women’s health?


Here are some of my most well loved areas to speak: 

• Fertility through Food: How to conceive easily with nature's medicine

• Growing the Bump: The lowdown on optimal nutrition for pregnancy (and postpartum wellness)

• Immunity and You: How to cultivate a strong immune system through herbal wisdom and nutrition

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 Speaking Testimonials

"Wow! Is the resounding response from my students when Antonia to shares her teaching wisdom with us in circle at Artemisia & Rue. While there are many teachers, there are few real experts, Antonia is one them!  She is one of the most concise and knowledgeable in her field, combining nourishing nutrition, herbal medicine for women and her wise-woman alchemical ways to create a truly unique body of work. Her ability to share insight rather than information is key, her teaching style is CAPTIVATING, and you can trust without question that what she shares comes from years of her own practical experience. Antonia is a true gem and resource in our community, her commitment to supporting women in their journey to health is a beautiful process to behold."

- Shelley Torgove, clinical herbalist & owner of Artemisia & Rue



Cher Aslor.jpeg
"Antonia is approachable, knowledgable and in my opinion one of the best resources for nutrition, herbalism and women's health here in Denver. Antonia does such a great job at inspiring people to take responsibility for their own health and lifestyle changes. I love the way she motivates by helping people know that small changes can be easily put into place and the way she relates to people by sharing from her own story.  She's got a talent for teaching people tips and tricks that can start anyone on a path towards starting to heal our bodies with the foods we eat. I've learned a lot about what my body wants and how food makes me feel. "

- Cher Aslor, Certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, owner pH7 Pilates.