Client Testimonials

Amy Astrom, new mom

Amy Astrom.png
Working with Antonia at Sage and Spirit was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Her knowledge and insights provided me with the support and confidence I needed to make the right decisions for me and my baby. 
Together, we created a healthy dietary plan that not only provided us with the best nutrition possible, but also very sustainable with my busy lifestyle. Our work together gave me the piece of mind that I was doing the absolute best for my baby. 


Paige & John Damiano

When my husband and I first found out about Antonia and her services, we were excited! I knew we wanted to make a lifestyle change rather than just take on another 3 day juice detox or 1 month cleanse. We've done those in the past and they just didn't fit what we were hoping to accomplish. Working with Sage and Spirit Wellness not only gave us the body + health/energy adjustments we were hoping for but the interactive discussions and knowledge base gained through the course have enabled us to truly make life long changes. As a breastfeeding mama I have to consider what I put myself through, which is why this approach works so well, it's not harsh on your body but actually sustainable [at many stages]. We've been altering our diet for the past 3 months and we still feel great. As a couple who cares but also finds ourselves "too busy" often, learning about the metabolic types and ways I can still make 1 meal but adjust servings for my husband, myself and the kiddos was key. It was one of the smartest time and financial investments we could have made.

- Paige Damiano

"AH HA".  If you're like me, I was carrying about 15 to 20 pounds of extra weight for several years.  I knew i should loose it but just couldn't change my eating to loose weight and feel great.  i tried witch doctors, vegan cleanse's, juicing and some other hocus pocus crap but nothing was sustainable or I felt tired or weak.  AH HA, is what i said after discussing my health and nutrition with Antonia.  She helped me eat right for my body type and i instantly felt great and lost 20 lbs.  The best part was that i wasn't hard.  I was so inspired by how i felt that i didn't miss some of my bad eating habits plus i never went hungry. Three months in and i'm still going strong.

- John Damiano

Rachel Bakst

Rachel Bakst.png
Working with Antonia over the past couple of years has given me a greater understanding of what my body requires to operate at it's absolute best.  She has so much knowledge to share and does so in a way that comes from a place of love, compassion and non-judgement.  Her focus is not just about fixing a problem but rather giving her clients lifelong skills so that they are able to maintain optimum health and balance in every aspect of their life.  She is passionate about what she does and committed to her clients' well-being on pretty much every level!