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Who am I?

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In 30 words or less...

I am a certified herbalist and nutritionist focusing on women's health specifically(primarily) during the childbearing years. And the function of the immune system in overall wellness.

My Approach

My approach is one of holism. We start with the foundation of diet and nutrition to begin our work together no matter which session you choose. Because without proper understanding of the main source of our energy, which is the food we put in our body, we cannot truly heal. Through that process we explore which foods are nourishing you and which foods are depleting you. And from that springboard, we continue to explore the other areas (of my expertise) that are most suited to your goals and desires. Approaching your health from a holistic perspective allows us to uncover the root causes of your imbalances rather than treating only symptoms, which gives you temporary relief to find several weeks or months later, the imbalance shows back up in the same form or in another manifestation. But once the root is uncovered, transformation happens.

The Tools

We use nutrition, food and cooking education, herbal medicine, movement therapy, meditation and lifestyle changes to support your cultivation of optimal health.

The Exchange

Initial Women’s Health Consultation

75-90 minute session $85

This session includes an in depth study of your past and current wellness via an in depth intake form and dialogue, your personal goals for our work together, and an action plan to create a more balanced YOU!

Follow-up sessions

All follow up sessions are $65/hour

We must meet for an initial consultation prior to scheduling a follow up session.

• Women’s Wellness Consultation

This consultation is perfect if you are not actively trying to conceive but want optimal health for the most vibrant life possible; which includes conscious conception. The Women wellness consultation may consultation may include: herbal medicine, nutrition education, meal planning, living calendar setup and organization, in-home cooking lessons, shopping trips, kitchen and pantry overhaul,movement and exercise therapy and lifestyle support.

• Herbal Medicine Consultation for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Herbal medicine is a profound system of healing. In this session we focus solely on herbal medicine to enhance and balance your pregnancy or postpartum. Herbs like vitex, oats, wild yam and nettles are commonly used in pregnancy and postpartum wellness.

• Nutritional Consultation for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Let food be thy medicine. Health for your child begins during the months before conception but in utero is the most important time to optimize your nutrition. In this session we focus on your current diet (you will be bringing in a food diary) to optimize your nutrition for pregnancy and postpartum. And through the use of your metabolic nutritional type, constitution and lifestyle we can create a customized nutritional program to create a deeper sense of vitality and nourishment.

• Holistic Consultation for Pregnancy and Postpartum

In this consultation we take a truly holistic view to your wellness utilizing herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle changes to cultivate your journey into motherhood. It is a combination of all of the session above customized to your specific needs and desires.

Women's Health Programs

Fertility and Conscious Conception

4 sessions $240

What we eat and the lifestyle we lead during pregnancy directly affects the baby in utero. But did you know that preparation for conception is equally important? And that your diet directly affects your fertility? In this 4 session program we will do a full wellness intake, review your food diary, assess your goals for fertility and conception and create an action plan for your ease and success in conceiving. Utilizing food and herbal medicine, lifestyle and movement therapy we create a holistic program to connect body, mind and spirit.


A nutritional clean eating and lifestyle program to nourish and restore your being to its perfect balance $495 (for up to 2 people)

In this consecutive 5 week program, that is housed in your home, we discover the challenges in your diet and lifestyle that are preventing you from feeling nourished. You will receive 5 hands on 2 hour sessions containing nutritional and herbal education, customized cooking classes, menu planning and a complete kitchen overhaul including organization tips and techniques. You will receive a shopping resource guide, and a custom designed cookbook with over 100 recipes.

Additional people (up to 4 total) $125 a person


New client package $165 (a $50 savings)

  • Includes the initial intake and two one hour follow up sessions

3 one hour sessions $165 ($30 savings)

5 one hour sessions $275 ($50 savings)

Consultation Options

The Modern Day House Call

I come to you. House calls are a lost art and a service that I enjoy providing. The advantages are miles long but the highlights include:

  • Being comfortable in your own space.
  • Easy access to your vitamins, minerals, supplements and pantry.
  • If you are pregnant or postpartum, this makes our work much easier for you to schedule while your children can be present in your arms or in your home.
  • Keeps cost of my services down. Not having overhead of a rental space, I have the ability to charge solely for my services.

Consultations From Afar

If you do not live in the Denver/Boulder area we can still work together! Consultations are done via Skype or *telephone, your choice! Contact me for more information!

*If outside of the US Skype only

Cancellation Policy

Sage & Spirit enforces a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you must cancel your appointment please do so by email or phone, 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Emergencies may be exempt, at the discretion Sage & Spirit. You will be charged in full for missed appointments.